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Confession: I know nothing about football, but I cried when Matt Saracen scored his first touchdown on Friday Night Lights.

I am the biggest sap for inspirational moments. I believe inspiration and motivation hold so much power in everyday life.

When I graduated college, the weight of student loans and unemployment landed me back at home, living with my dad in the small town where I grew up. I started an internship in Manhattan and commuted every day to a brownstone apartment where celebrity agents complained about their clients more than their clients complained about Page Six. I found myself slowly sinking into the monotony of a two-hour commute and nine-hour unfulfilling job.

As much as I loved shortening the six degrees of separation between myself and Leonardo DiCaprio, that wasn’t going to cut it. I moved on to a position with a company that works with entrepreneurs and small businesses from all around the world, where we focus not only on marketing, but also on cultivating the mindset it takes to succeed. (On a strategic and spiritual level, we help others make a difference in the world. And I love it.)

As a wide-eyed girl in my twenties stumbling into adulthood, I’ve discovered a lot about work and life balance, the importance of doing something meaningful with your time and how it’s possible to add beauty to your life, no matter what your “everyday” looks like.

Upon entering the "adult world," I realized quickly that if I’m not careful, I can wake up in the morning, robot my way through the day and turn off the lights at night feeling stressed out and even unaccomplished. (When was the last time I went to yoga? Did I seriously I just binge watch season two of The Mindy Project? What happened to playing the piano? Do I even know where my yoga pants are?) If I don’t consciously avoid it, an entire day can pass by in the blink of an eye. I think it's easy for all of us to feel like we're stuck playing catch-up rather than enjoying the moment, or even feel out of touch with our greater purpose.

Here’s what I’ve learned: we all need reminders throughout everyday life in order to live a Grand life. We need to wake up every day and have the first thing we see be words of empowerment. We need to schedule time into our calendars just for ourselves, unapologetically selfish time to focus only on what we love. We can’t expect the world to inspire us if we don’t make ourselves open to inspiration.

Everyone has a different definition of a Grand life. The easiest definition is that a Grand life is an exception to the everyday. A Grand life is full of purpose, passion and inspiration.

If you’re anything like me, you could use a break from the everyday. Let’s go Grand.